New Heights – Silver Lines To Palm Trees chords


New Heights
Silver Lines to Palm Trees
Capo 1

Am7 |e|----3------||B|----3------||G|----2------||D|----2------||A|----0------||E|----x------|
Intro: D Em G Am7 Verse 1:
D Em G Am7 D Em G Am7Comatose, parked in front of a television
D Em G Am7 D Em G Am7Overdosed with good intentions
D Em G Am7 D Em G Am7You've said your life is a meaningless curse on the world
D Em G Am7You can't expect to do anything
D Em G Am7If you think the world has had it with you
D Em G Am7 D Em G Am7You're starting to believe that all this could be better
D Em G Am7 D Em G Am7From silver lines to palm trees you're commencing now
Verse 2:
D Em G Am7 DIf you're sure that everyone around you is the same
Em G Am7Then don't believe me when I say this
D Em G Am7I will live a life unlike you
D Em G Am7I will live a life unlike you
D Em G Am7The sun, the light, the trees, the earth
D Em G Am7 D Em G Am7The breeze, the birds are waiting at your doorway now
G How do we know how this life ends?
Bm DThere isn't a while lot we can do
GBut while we're here we give it our best
Bm DAnd stay above the waters that surround us
G Fighting the waves and reaching the shore
Bm DBreaking through the insides of a mindset
GI'm waiting, I'm waiting, I am waiting
Bm D Am7For you to hear me out
D Em G Am7
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