New Model Army - 225 tab

New Model Army


heavy distortion all through, possibly flanger
in someplaces for effect

 this is how i play it, it probably isnt right but yknow!!


okay this is the intronow there's a little drum roll, |then this chord loads | the the words start and this kicks in |---------------|----------------------------------------------------------| |---------------|----------------------------------------------------------| |---------------|-------------------------h--------------------------------| |----7----------|---------------------4--o---7--2-4------------------------| |----7----------|---------------------4--l---7--2-4------------------------| |----7----------|---------------------4--d---7--2-4------------------------|
repeat second part through verse
then , and i would help her.... |------------------------------------------------| |------------------------------------------------| |------------------------------------------------| |--7-7-7-7---4-44---777---2--x-x-2--x-x--2222----| |--7-7-7-7---4-44---777---2--x-x-2--x-x--2222----| |--7-7-7-7---4-44---777---2--x-x-2--x-x--2222----|
And it seems... this part has one chord then loadsof muting each time |------------------------------------------------------------------0---------| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------0----| |------------------------------------------h---------------------------------| |--4----6---7---6----4---6--7-----------4--o--2-----4----------------------4-| |--4----6---7---6----4---6--7-----------4--l--2-----4------------------------| |--4----6---7---6----4---6--7-----------4--d--2-----4------------------------|
there is a big break in the middle where its just loads of effects and kinda little bits of chords, but i used the verse progs on the high e string to make a fab sounding solo, my uncle's band did it, and i reccommend you do too!!! well u just repeat all this till u get the soslo bit and just end it on F5 i think thanks, any comments just email me!! By [::charlie::]
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