Stuck On You chords with lyrics by New Politics - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

New Politics – Stuck On You chords

Artist: New Politics
Song Title: Stuck On You
Album: A Bad Girl in Harlem (2013)
Tabbed by ashleyfoo
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Standard tuning
Chords: E  B  C#m  A

E  B  C#m  A

EPut a spell on me
B C#mWalk away from me
AIt's called irony
EGot me hypnotized
B C#mI am paralysed
AI lost my sanity
EWhat did I do?
BWhat did I do?
C#m ATo get my mind stuck on you (x2)
EWhat did I do?
B C#m A [Verse]
ESing a song for me
B C#mLove you endlessly
ABut I got a spell on me
EAnd I feel lost and confused
BI am crying out your name
C#m ABut your touch ain't relieving its pain
E B C#mYou are my lover, are my friend
A EIt don't matter what they say
B C#mYou are my one and only desire
A E BIt's gonna stay like that till the end
C#mWalk away from me
AIt's called irony
[Chorus] [End] E
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