New Pornographers - Sing Me Spanish Techno tab

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Artist: The New Pornographers
Album:  Twin Cinema
Song:   Sing Me Spanish Techno
tabber: John Baer (

Intro (open chords): [A  B/Asus4] x4 <- hammer-on second chord)             *(B/Asus4= x22230)

Verse 1:
     A           F#m         C#m           A    B/Asus4 A
Go to now, after picking the glass off the ground
     A           F#m         C#m           A
Go to now, after shaking the thing for its sound
      E            Bm             F#m
Do we see what the clock makes you do, 
                     C#m       D
but I won't let this happen to you

Repeat Intro

Verse 2:
 A                F#m         C#m          A    B/Asus4 A
In a town, where I lost every shirt on the fence
   A           F#m        C#m                A
Go to now, I am bleeding a trail through the lens
       E         Bm           F#m                       D            
When I see what I now know was you, I was caught in the eye
       G                  C               E
If you came, pulled by my name, up on and throoooooooooogh

Repeat Intro

             C#m   F#m             C#m       F#m            D
Traveling at God's speed, over the hills and trails, I have refused
   A                 E    F#m             C#m  F#m      
My calls, pushing my lazy cells, into the blue flame, I wanna crash
D        A                 E          F#m            D
Here and now, the hourglass fills its sand if only to punish you...

Chorus 1:
       A            B/Asus4 A                        B/Asus4 A
(for) (Listening too long, to one song, listening too long, to one song
D               Bm   E
Sing me Spanish techno) x2

Repeat Intro

Verse 3:
A                F#m          C#m       A    B/Asus4 A
Go to now, after while made me think to explode.   Wipe the sound,
     F#m            C#m      A            E            Bm         F#m
Wide awake here for days in a row. Now we see what the engine can do
                     C#m       D     F#m             C#m       D
And I won't let this happen to you, I won't let this happen to yooooooou

Repeat Intro

Repeat Prechorus

Repeat Chorus 1

Outro: (Intro Chords X2) F#m D (Intro chords x2) F#m D (Intro chords X6)

-Cheers, and buy Twin Cinema!!! (John Baer)
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