New Pornographers - Spirit Of Giving tab

I made some notes at the end regarding the instrumental interlude.
Suggestions welcome.  I don't know what anyone is singing at the end.

         D                        C
You went looking for all the wrong spaces
         G                            A
You grew gluttonous and famous...with faces
G                   F#m
Nameless and blank, superstitiously you name them
    Em                           F#m
St. Christopher and Johanna, St. Christopher and Johanna
    G                         A
St. Christopher and Johanna

Overcome with the holiday spirit
Mark says the herald angels won't hear it
And remember, the wolves that you run with are wolves
Don't forget
     G                                                    F#m
They exist to give you something to regret, I'll be there too 
with something sadder than that brass portrait 
which shines through your morning, dim.
Something sadder than that brass portrait 
which shines through your morning, dim

I'll give you something to be sad about
Hey, the picture really capture your mouth
Poised to say: It's your turn to go down now,
it's your turn to go down now
     It's your turn to go down now. 
It's your turn to go down the spirit of giving
D     Dmaj7   D7   A7* x3   (*see below)

G                       D     A
Cloud prayer Mary, come ah----on?  etc

*Asterisked chords aren't really chords, just a chromatic riff.
*But you can play G and A7 and get away with it, I think.

I think this is what the guitar plays.  The note in parenthesis is just
meant to be a glimpse of where the repeat it going.

D Dmaj7 D7 G* A7*----5-------5-------5-------5-------5-------5----------------- repeat--7---7---7---7---7---7---7---7---7---7---7------------------- 7-------7-------6-------6-------5-------5------4-3-4-5-6-2-4-6-(7)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2-1-2-3-4-0-2-4-(5)--------------------------------------------------------------
The last time a guitar does something like this at the G-A7 spot (note I changed it to G-D7 here) leading into the G D A part.
G* D7* G D A----------------------8-7-6-5-6---7---(8)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Horns and whatnot do something like this at various times D Dmaj7 D7 G* A7*--------------------------------------------------------------repeat3-------5---7---2-0--0-2--------1-0---0-1------0--------2-----(3) --------------------2---------------2----------------------2-- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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