New Pornographers - Adventures In Solitude tab

I havenít put all of the chords over the first letter of the word
because many of the words are sung slightly before the chord.  I hope
this makes sense. I put brackets around chords where the song stays on
the same chord through two measures, but doesnít emphasize it the
second time.  Any suggestions, especially lyrical, are welcome.  There
are a few extras at the bottom.

C D G C C D G [G]

          C                D   
Balancing on, one wounded wing
            G                      C
So clean me up, shove the never ending
                 C                    D                    G       [G]
The best of the vampish marbles are gathered inside your door
          C                       D
More than begin, but less than forget
            G                          C
What spirit born from the not happened yet
          C                  D                         G      [G]
Gathering there to pay off a debt from back from the wars
                C       D                  G       C
We thought we lost you     We thought we lost you
                C        D             G      [G]
We thought we lost you       Welcome back

C D G [G]
             C                     D
Sleeping for years through what is left
                        G                        C
Through the pieces that fell and rose from the depth
                      C             D            G        [G]
From the ring water well deep as a secret nobody knows
             C                   D
Less than forget but more than begun
                     G             C
These adventures in solitude never done
                    C                    D                      G   [G]
To the names of our wounds we send the same blood back from the wars
                C       D                  G       C
We thought we lost you     We thought we lost you
                C        D                    G     [G]
We thought we lost you       It will all come back

C D G C C D G [G]

(I canít tell whatís being sung in this next part, so until I can find 
some lyrics, Iím just going to put the chords and some timing.  I put 
a guess at the lyrics in the extra notes. 4 beats to a measure.  
Note Em and D only get half a measure.)

1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4
Bm      Em  D   C       G         x3
Bm      Em  D   C       C
C       D       G       C
C       D       G       [G]

Repeat all that

Extra notes:

If you play the piano, I think the verses use C 2nd inversion, 
D 2nd inversion, and G 1st inversion.  Start with middle C in the 
middle and it should fall into place.

Someoneís quietly plucking a guitar in the intro and
first verse (that I can hear), and hereís what s/heís playing.

C D G C (or [G] second time)----------------------------------------------------1--1-3--3---3------------0--0-3-----1---------0---0--0-----------------0---0--0---0------------ repeat----------------4-2-4-------------------4-2-4-2------------------------0---------------------------------------------------------------------------
Sometimes the guitar does this
(this part quieter)--5-7-5-3-2-3----3-7-5)----------------(3-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Hereís my wild guess for the lyrics on the last part. Chords I donít mind, but I hate figuring out lyrics. Bm Em D I know you want to... wait for, wait for, C G and now itís come at a bad time Bm Em D C some cold lays, some countless ways C G For all we know Bm Em D I know you need to breathe through my mouth, come to C G but itís come at a bad time Bm Em D Some how a fly in the tangle of days C G For all we know
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