New York Dolls – Pills tab

  New York Dolls - Pills

 * Make sure your guitar is tuned in the standard tuning... *

(\)=Put in a few slides every once in a while.
^^=Heavy bend.


Verse: (2x)
The solo:
e-14^14^14^14^^ 14-12-12-12-12-12---14^14^14^14^14^^-----------------------|B-14^14^14^14^^ 14-12-12-12-12-12---14^14^14^14^14^^-----------------------|G--------------------------------------------------------------------------|D--------------------------------------------------------------------------|A--------------------------------------------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------------------------------------------|
As i was lyin in a hospital bed, A rock n roll nurse goin' trough my head, Says, hold out ya arm boy, stick out ya tounge, I gots some pills i'm gonna give you somes, She went into my head, into my head A rock n roll nurse, go into my head Into my head, into my head As i was lyin in a hospital bed A little pill for my legs, but that didn't ache tried some pills for my heart, but a little to late Gots some pills for my love, to put me at ease As when a rock n roll nurse shook me down to my knees She went into my head, shoved into my head A rock n roll nurse go into my head Into my head, into my head As i was lyin in a hospital bed i got the rock n roll nusre... Nursey nursey, i dont see Well i don't understand what your doin to me Said ya give me th pills, then ya give me the shot Got me wonderin what is worse i got She went into my head, shoved into my head A rock n roll nurse went into my head Into my head, into my head As i was lyin in a hospital bed I got the rock n roll nurse She's a makin it worse Keeps on shootin it right into my head... Doctor doctor doctor run here and see, I dont think the job the nurse givin' me, Gives me the shots, gives me the pills Got me takin this junk, against my wills She went into my head, shoved into my head A rock n roll nurse went into my head Into my head, into my head As i was lyin' in a hospital bed ------------------------------------------------------------------| This is only the lead guitar part. The 2nd guitar playes alsmost the same, but he slightly changes the riffs.. If you're good enough you'll figure that out yourself. Also, it sounds better if you mess around with the riffs occasionally.. It's quite an easy song to play, so have fun... If you have any comments or questions about this tab, please mail me Greetz, Schumi.
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