Newcleus – Jam On It tab

WARNING: This song was transcribed for personal use. For many, playing along with
their favorite band is very therapeutic. Helping others to do this is equally
therapeutic. Tab files should not be interpreted as copyright infringement! This
song, is (c) 1983 by Newcleus. (I was a breakdancin' fool that year!)

Jam On It

Version 1.0
Shawn Chittle
May 2001

Playing Notes:

1. I am omitting lyrics since the whole song is based on this simple arrangement
   (And as this is a rap track with lots of words)

2. This is a classic "first generation" rap tune. With Chipmunk voices and neat
   little story involving Superman as a mixin' DJ, Cosmo D, Megatroid(?)
   and Chilly D -- it makes for a classic. Everyone knows this song.


I chose to transcribe this completely on the E string since its a nice
scaling pattern and more fun (in my view) to play.

Repeat this over and over through the verses. On electric guitar, you can play the same riff doubling the bass as shown, or play it in first position:
The quick synth parts can be played like this (Listen to recording for tempo and pattern matching)
The following section is my addition to this song, STRICTLY optional; if you play this in a band, you might get a bit bored with doubling the bass. There is a chord I discovered that, when repeated in a funky-syncopated fashion with lots of muting complments the song nicely. It's more scraping and muting than actually playing, but if you strum fast (16th note), in time with the high-hat, it will come off nicely. Make up your own strumming/muting/raking pattern with this chord and have fun!
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