Newsboys - On Your Knees chords

I'm pretty sure this is close to correct, but this is my 1st tab, so there may be some 

Intro: C  Am  G

Verse 1:
CLately she's been thinking what her daddy said
AmWhen you're winning you got more friends
GBut are they your friends? If you fall they're gone,
F GSomething about those kinda people seems wrong
CWho's gonna be there when that phone call knocks her down
AmAll of the steeples, but she can't hear a bell sound
GJumps on a bus to head downtown,
F GAnd picks up the paper that's been blowing around (It says)
CWhen your heart breaks He'll hurt for you
AmDreams are out of reach, He'll pull you through
F GWhen you lose hope all you gotta do is get on your knees again
CNot long now and you're gonna see
AmNo mountain's too high for you or for me
F GOr fall too far if you can believe and get on your knees,
COn your knees again
Verse 2:
CShe folds up the paper and puts it in her bag
AmKnows she really needs a savior like that
FWalking past her church just up the street
GSays "maybe it's time to get on my knees"
C'Cause He was there when no one was around
AmAll of the people, but no one made a sound
GThinks of her brother, who's been feeling down
F GPulls out the paper and reads it aloud
(chorus) Bridge:
AmYou've given everything you got
FStill it's hard to believe
AmLove comes from the inside out
FIf you wanna be free
AmYa gotta give your love and never stop
FWhen you think about giving up
GGet on your knees
(chorus, end with fading bridge)
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