Newsboys - Running To You chords version 1

Intro: B  F#  E

BSomebody told me about a place
Abm F#Oh I can see it
EBut I've got to change my ways
BDay after day itís the same old thing
Abm F# EI keep repeating, the reason I stay this way
B Abm F#I know what I have to do
E Abm F#Get back to what I know is true
AbmWhen everything is broken,
EThereís a door wide open
B F#Youíll find me running through
AbmMore than just emotion
EMy broken heart has chosen,
B F#Jesus Iím running to You
AbmIím running to You
AbmI'm running, running to you
E F# EI'm running, running to you
BI can see the tear on your face
Abm F#You feel defeated
EWondering what are you living for
BSelfish dreams left you time and time
Abm F#Empty-handed
EThereís got to be something more
B Abm F#You know what you have to do
E Abm F#Get back to Who you know is true
EYou're the only one
AbmWho can fix what I've become
E Abm (I prefer F# here)Oh God, I believe in your love
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