Newsboys – The King Is Coming chords

Em Bm AEmpty hearts are filling up
Em Bm AWicked ways are coming undone
Em Bm A GEvery eye is looking out for You
Em Bm ACity lights are burning out
Em Bm AFreedom's song is ringing loud
Em Bm A GDead men waking up to the sound of You
AAnd all our hearts can sing
All our hearts can sing is CHORUS
DMake a way for
BmMake a way for
Em D/F# G AMake a way for the King
The King is coming Palm mute first half of verse 2 VERSE 2
Em Bm ASplit the sky with your glory
Em Bm ABring to life an awakening
Em Bm A GBurn away everything thats not for You
Em Bm AHear our voices crying out
Em Bm AWe wont stop til heavens come down
Em Bm A GWe wont stop til every knee bows to You
AAnd all our hearts will sing is
DOpen up the doors
BmOpen up the doors
GLift your eyes to see
AOur King is coming
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