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Newsboys – Impossible chords

Impossible (Newsboys) - Chords and lyrics
I did a simple search for the chords of this latest favourite song of mine, and was
actually quite delighted to find none available yet (or easily). So now i get to do my part
to 'contribute' to the internet, with some good chords to this great song. Btw, this is 
the first time i'm doing such a thing, coz you know, it's the first time i liked a song
and can't find its chords on the net.

Disclaimer 1: Copyrights blah blah, i'll removed it if you tell me to.
Disclaimer 2: Wrong chords? Tell me, i wanna learn too.


*Update 21/8/11: Added in the missing 'G' chords in the bridge, making it now a
near-perfect transcription ;) Many thanks to Binskprescsl49 for picking up this pretty obvious
omission, and also to the numerous 'silent' visitors enjoying the chords-- your presence 
is noted with a smile! Cheers :))

*Update 3/4/12: Finally uploaded a video of me doing an acoustic cover of this awesome
song, using the chords below. Please check it out at the links below:

By Newsboys

Key: Bb (Best to Capo on 3 and play in G)
Rhythm: 6/8

Intro: G Am C, Em D G

Verse 1:
G Am CI can't see myself without You
G Am CWith You I get strength to do things
G Am C Em D GI've never ever dreamt in a million years
G Am CI'm unstoppable 'cause You're here with me
G Am C G Am CUnbelievable how I can believe how powerful
Em D GYou've caused me to be, yeah
G Am CSee only You got me flying with eagles
G Am CWalking on water, With You I can
G Am CDo the impossible, Jump over mountains
G Am CWith one single bound, I've found out I can
G Am CDo the impossible
Em D GDo the impossible
Verse 2:
G Am CNo other soul could have saved me
G Am CI feel You in every heartbeat
G Am CYou're incredible, invincible
Em D Cso easy to see You've strengthened me
G Am CI'm out of this world, O yeah now that I'm with You
G Am C G
Am CI'm unbreakable, there ain't no way I can lose
D G C'Cause heaven is at the end of this road
D G CMe and You, now I know I'm not alone
DYou're pierced in my heart
G CYou're not just in my head
Am DThis is what makes You the best
G Am CNo other soul could have saved me
G Am CI feel You in every heartbeat
retrieved from: *just sharing it here since I havent found any submission for this song.
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