Newton Faulkner – Badman tab

Newton Faulkner= King
Just a quick one for the intro, the only bit most people want to know anyway:p
Tuning is DGDGAD i think, regularly used on this album so i'm guessing it will be... 
out mainly from youtube vids and seeing him in sheffield.

6 D  3 G
5 G  2 A
4 D  1 D

Couple of slightly unusual techniques he uses in the song, the 1st being the precussive 
of the body of the guitar just above the sound hole with
the palm for the bassy rhythm of the song (marked T). Another is the Flamenco technique 
In this case, there is a quick release in a downward
strumming motion of the first, second then third fingers onto muted strings to create 
hollow and scratty fill (marked r). Also, the first note of
 the phrase is hammered on by the fretting hand, not plucked.

Alot of stuff for such a short bar but this is repeated throughout apart from the chorus i'm working on.. enjoy!! r r r T h T 1 2 3 T TD----------------------------------------|A----------------------------------------|G----------------x-x-x-------------------|D----------------x-x-x-------------------|G--------7-------x-x-x-------------------|D----------0-----x-x-x-----10--10--------|
The short run off at the end is played once every four bars. r r r T h T 1 2 3 T h hD----------------------------------------------|A----------------------------------------------|G----------------x-x-x-------------------------|D----------------x-x-x---------------------3---|G--------7-------x-x-x-------------------------|D----------0-----x-x-x-----10--10---0-3-5------|
Legend T= Precussive strike with heel of palm above sound hole for bassy thump h= Hammer-on without plucking note r= Rasgueado
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