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Newton Faulkner – Hello tab

This is my first tab and it is for "hello" by Newton Faulkner. It is pretty easy 
to play. There is a capo on the first fret but if you don't have a capo it is no 
big deal you can just do it in standard tuning, or if you really want to you could 
turn it all the strings up a whole turn but it is possible they could snap.

E||------------------|---------------2---|----------------2--| NUMBER 1B||------------------|-------------------|-------3-----------| G||------------------|-------2-----------|-------------------| D||------------------|-------------------|-------------------| A||------------------|-------------------|-------------------| E||------------------|-------------------|-------------------| ­ do that 4 times, then...
E||------------------|---------------2---|----------------2--| NUMBER 2B||------------------|-------------------|-------3-----------| G||------------------|-------0 ----------|-------------------| D||------------------|-------------------|-------------------| A||------------------|-------------------|-------------------| E||------------------|-------------------|-------------------| ­
then that 4 times. so in order... number 1 X4 number 2 X4 number 1 X4 number 2 X4 number 1 X4 number 2 X4 number 1 X4 number 2 X4 number 3
then at the end its. E||------------------|--------------2----|-------------------| NUMBER 3B||------------------|--------------3----|-------------------| G||------------------|-------- -----2----|-------------------| D||------------------|--------------0----|-------------------| A||------------------|-------------------|-------------------| E||------------------|-------------------|-------------------|
really do hope that made sense, and hope it helped. :)
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