NF – Therapy Session chords

Cm Cm Ab G x2

[Verse 1]
CmYeah, I gotta say, like a month ago
I was talking to fans And one of 'em pulled me aside and said
Cm"We never met, but I swear that you know who I am
CmI've been through a lot
I don't know how to express it to people, don't think that I can But I got that Mansion CD on rotation
CmThat's real for me, Nate, you do not understand"
CmIt's crazy for me
Kids hit me up, say they slittin' they wrists on the daily
AbThis music is more than you think
GDon't book me for just entertainment, it's entertainin'
CmHearin' these parents, they telling their kids
My music is violent you gotta be kidding me
AbI guess that your definition of violence and mine
GIs something that we look at differently
CmHow do you picture me, huh?
Want me to smile, you want me to laugh?
AbYou want me to walk on the stage with a smile on my face
GWhen I'm mad and put on a mask? For real though
Cm I mean, what you expect from me?
I'm tryna do this respectfully
AbThey say that life is a race
GI knew my problems would prolly catch up eventually
CmI do my best to be calm
How you gon' write me and tell me you'd slaughter my family?
AbThat's just a glimpse to the stuff that gets sent to me
GThese are the parts of my life they don't never see, woo!
Cm I am aware, it's aggressive
I am not here for acceptance
AbI don't know what you expected
CmBut what you expect when you walk in a therapy session, huh?
Cm Ab G Therapy, therapy session
Cm Ab G Therapy, therapy session
[Verse 2]
Cm This girl at the show looked me in the face
And told me her life's full of drama (Yeah!)
Cm Said her dad is abusive
Apparently, he likes to beat on her mama
Cm I got so angry inside
I wanted to tell her to give me his number But what you gon' do with it, right?
CmYou gon' hit him up then he'll start hittin' her harder, that's real
These kids, they come to my shows With tears in they eyes
AbImagine someone looking at you
GAnd sayin' your music's the reason that they are alive
CmSometimes I don't know how to handle it
This type of life isn't glamorous
CmThis ain't an act for the cameras (Nah!)
AbYou see me walk on these stages
But have no idea what I'm dealing with after it, nah!
CmI put it all in the open
This is the way that I cope with all my emotion
AbI'm taking pictures with thousands of people
GBut honestly, I feel like nobody knows me
CmI'm tryin' to deal with depression
I'm tryin' to deal with the pressure
AbHow you gon' tell me my music does not have a message
G CmWhen I'm lookin' out at this crowd full of people I know I affected? Agh!
I got some things in my life (My life)
AbI know I should let 'em go (Let 'em go)
Let me jot it down (Jot it down)
GLet me take a mental note (Mental note)
CmI put it all in this microphone (Microphone)
Think about that for a minute
AbWhat is the point of this song? I'm just ventin'
G CmBut what you expect from a therapy session, huh?
Cm Ab G Therapy, therapy session
Cm Ab G Therapy, therapy session
[Verse 3]
Cm What you think about me
That doesn't worry me I know I handle some things immaturely
GmI know that I need to grow in maturity
CmI ain't gon' walk on these stages, in front of these people
And act like I live my life perfectly That doesn't work for me
Cm"Christian" is not the definition of what "perfect" means, woo!
I ain't the type to be quiet I ain't gon' sit here in silence
AbIf I wouldn't say what I say to your face
C GmThen I promise you, I wouldn't say it in private
G CmI am not lyin'
People go off on my page, and I'm tryin' to quit the replyin' But this is ridiculous
Ab G I'm passionate, man, I really mean what I'm writing
CmYou want me to keep it a hundred?
Okay, I'll keep it a hundred
AbI see a whole lot of talkin' on socials
GBut honestly, I don't see nothing in public
CmI kinda love it, yeah
"Why don't you write us some happy raps? That would be awesome"
C Ab"All of your music is moody and dark, Nate"
Gaha Don't get me started (Yeah!)
Cm You wanna know what it's like if you met me in person?
AbListen to my verses
This music is not just for people
G CmWho sit in the pews and pray at the churches, nah!
I won't reject it I don't expect everyone to respect it
AbI don't expect you to get my perspective
GBut what you expect from a therapy session?
Ab GI mean,
CmI think sometimes people they confuse what I'm doin'
Ab GI write about life, I write about things that I'm actually dealing with
CSomething, that I'm actually experiencing
This is real for me
Ab GLike, this is something that personally helps me as well
I'm not confused about who gave me the gift
DGod gave me the gift and he gave me the ability to to do this
AbAnd he also gave me this as an outlet
GAnd that's what music is for me
CWhen I feel something, whether it's anger
Um, it's a passion about something or frustration
AbLike, this is where I go
GThis is this is that's the whole "NF Real Music" thing, man
This is real for me I need this
AbThis is a therapy for me
G Cm Cm Ab G Cm Cm
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