Nice Peter - Shaycarl And The Shaytards chords version 2

(that's how you count:      1.3.   123.4.)
              B | B | C#m | E F# | B-- F# |.

B C#mI sit down at my computer to see
E F# B F#what you have done so far today
B C#mit's just nice to see reality
E F# BIt's just a cool family
C#m E F#Being good to each other
G#m EI'm so tired of terrible people
G#m E F#Being admired for being terrible people
Bbut your beard is awesome
C#m7and your kids are awesome
Eb7 E F#and your wife is hotter than expected, and awesome!
B E B EOhh.. Shay (Hey!) -carl and the Shay (Hey!) -tards Oooh,
B E B EShay (Hey!) -carl and the Shay (Hey!) -tards OH!
You've become an adjective of you own that means something between extra large and awesome "Dude, check out this Shay-stuffed pretzel, Whoa!" I'm so tired of terrible people Being admired for being terrible people you a regular guy but you try to be something we all can be [Chorus] Ohh.. Shay (Hey!) -carl and the Shay (Hey!) -tards Oooh! Shay (Hey!) -carl and the Shay (Hey!) -tards OH! [Outro] B | Em | B | Em | B | Em | B |
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