Nice Peter - Tru Gangster chords

**NOTE** you might want to play all bar chords


F#                  B               F#

I am a true to life gangster, homie,
Brat a tat tat.
F# E F#And I was raised on the streets of the ghetto, yeah.
E F# E F#True dat.
F#If you wanna start static,
Ebetter think about it, ugh.
BmI may be white, but I'll put
F#a cap in your rear.
F#And if you wanna step to me,
Egonna wind up like your homie,
Bm F#getting tipped to by my forty ounce beer.
because I killed you with my CHOURUS
F# A 9 millimeter glock pistol 45,
Bif you was still alive you'd find my
F#foot up your booty.
F#I'm blasting hundred watt journey as
Ewe cruise around the streets,
Bm got the top down in my mercedes benz.
F#I got a tattoo of my kitten scrawled across
Emy skinny white chest,
Bmand I've got diamonds on my contact lens,
F#I'm a player baby,
F# don't try to test me,
A my momma said knock you out,
Byou open up your mouth and find my
F#foot up your booty.
A F#I'd like to send a shout out,
A B F#to all my homies, keeping it real.
A B C#and all you playa haters better step back
whoa ooh whoa ooh whoa whoa OUTRO
F# B I am a true to life gangster homie,
F# Bmy gun goes rat a tat tat
Rat a tat tat tat ooh
F# E F#,E,F#and I was raised on the streets of the ghetto, yeah.
Etru dat
F# EP H A T phat,
F# E F# ETrue dat.
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