Nicholas Barron - Im Not Superman tab

Whole song is basically the same progression, with some variations here and there.

I'm not superman, I can't fly
G                 Am
I do my best man, just to get by.
C/F               C
I'm not superman, I'm just me
G                 Am
Regular joe in my galaxy
C/F               C

Every once in a while the first two chords are substituted for the barre chord version. G Am (He also plays this sometimes.)e|---3-------5-------5---|B|---3-------5-------5---|G|---4-------5-------x---|D|---5-------5-------5---|A|---5-------7-------x---|E|---3---------------5---|
Every once in a while C/F is substituted for Fe|---1--|B|---1--|G|---2--|D|---3--|A|---3--|E|---1--|
This is just the basic outline of the song, I may tab it note for note if needed.
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