Nick Carter - I Stand For You chords

(Tab) I'm gonna run forever, say whatever I take a chance in, what I believe in I'm gonna have a tattoo, I'm gonna have an attitude
B A So tell my girlfriend, that I'm leaving 'Cause I'm free yeah, to say what I wanna say
And I'm feeling that it's time to get away [CHORUS]
E B AWoh woh, we can live forever if we try
C#m B AIt's up to you
E B AYeah yeah, and nothing's gonna stop us now
C#m B AWe're young... I stand for you
(back to tab) See I'm a taker, I'm not a beggar I'm tired of losing, I'm gonna lose it I'm gonna ride a Harley, oh on the highway I'm gonna do it my way, I'm gonna do it my way
B A'Cause I'm free, yeah to say what I wanna say
B A And I'm feeling that it's time to get away
C#mPressure in the air, in my hair, people everywhere
Politics don't care, need to ease my mind
A Try to find a way, better day, but it's time to get away
BDon't you care?
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