Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds – The Boatmans Call chords

Here's another chord compilations of one of the most depressing albums I've ever heard. 
a pretty spare, acoustic/piano album so I figured it'd be cool to collect the chords to 
in one place. Here it goes!

All transcription credit goes to Alon Drori, Boaz, Moho, Leo McPartland, Peter 
and ondrej.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds'

1. Into My Arms

Note: If chord reads, */# play the chord * with the # bass note.

C G/B C F/CI don't believe in an interventionist God
C G/B C F/CBut I know, darling, that you do
C G/B C F/CBut if I did I would kneel down and ask Him
CNot to intervene when it came to you
FNot to touch a hair on your head
DmTo leave you as you are
GAnd if He felt He had to direct you
Then direct you into my arms
DmE --3p1-0h1---------1--------------------|B ----------3---3--------1h3-----3-------|G ------------2---2---2--------2---2-----|D ----------0----------------0-----------|A ---------------------------------------|E ---------------------------------------|
Into my arms, O Lord CE --1p0---0------------------------------|B ------3---1-------1----0h1-------------|G --------------0----------------0-------|D ------------2---2---2--------2---2-----|A ----------3----------------3-----------|E ---------------------------------------|
Into my arms, O Lord DmE --3p1-0h1---------1--------------------|B ----------3---3--------1h3-----3-------|G ------------2---2---2--------2---2-----|D ----------0----------------0-----------|A ---------------------------------------|E ---------------------------------------|
Into my arms, O Lord CE --1p0---0---------------------------0--------1---|B ------3---1-------1-----0---3---1-------3----1---|G --------------0------------------------------2---|D ------------2---2---2-----2---2---2---2---2------|A ----------3-----------------3-------3------------|E ---------------------------------------------1---|
Into my arms And I don't believe in the existence of angels But looking at you I wonder if that's true But if I did I would summon them together And ask them to watch over you To each burn a candle for you To make bright and clear your path And to walk, like Christ, in grace and love And guide you into my arms Into my arms, O Lord Into my arms, O Lord Into my arms, O Lord Into my arms And I believe in Love And I know that you do too And I believe in some kind of path That we can walk down, me and you So keep your candles burning And make her journey bright and pure That she will keep returning Always and evermore Into my arms, O Lord Into my arms, O Lord Into my arms, O Lord Into my arms 2. Lime-Tree Arbour
AmThe boatman calls from the lake
F GA lone loon dives upon the water
AmI put my hand over hers
F G CDown in the lime-tree arbour
AmThe wind in the trees is whispering
F GWhispering low that I love her
AmShe puts her hand over mine
F G CDown in the lime-tree arbour
G Through every breath that I breathe
Am F And every place I go
Fm C Am There is a hand that protects me
F G C And I do love her so
Repeat the same chords through the others lyrics and chorus 3. People Ain't No Good intro: C/G/F
People just (C)ain't no good(G)(F)I think that's well understood
You can see it everywhere you look People just ain't no (G)good People they (C)ain't (G)no (G)good To our (C)love send a dozen white (F)lilies 4. Brompton Oratory (C)Up those stone (A)steps I climb (F)Hail this joyful (G)day¥s return (C)Into its great shadowed (A)vault I go (Bb)Hail the Pente(F)costal (G)morn and so it goes... 5. There Is A Kingdom Intro: C Fm C Fm Eb Ab Eb Ab Verse: (same as intro)
C Fm C Just like a bird that sings up the sun
Fm Eb In a dawn so very dark
Ab Such is my love for you
Eb Ab Such is my love
Chorus: Db Ab There is a kingdom
Db Ab There is a king
The bridge, I don't know exactly, but just play around in F minor. 6. (Are You) The One That I've Been Waiting For? (a)I've felt you coming girl, (C)as you drew near (F)I knew you'd find me, cause I (C)longed you here (F)Are you my destiny? Is this (C)how you'll appear? W(Bb)rapped in a coat with tears in your eyes? (G)Well take that coat babe, and throw it on the floor Are (d)you the (C)one that (Bb)I've been (F)waiting for?(a) O we will (G)know, won't we? (F)The sta(G)rs will explode (a)in the sky But they (G)don't, do they? (F)Stars have their (G)moment and then they (a)die 7. Where Do We Go Now But Nowhere?
Gm CmI remember a girl so very well
Gm FThe carnival drum all mad in the air
Gm DmGrim reapers and skeletons and a missionary bell
Bb FO where do we go now but nowhere
Gm CmIn a colonial hotel we fucked up the sun
Gm FAnd then we fucked it down again
Gm DmWell the sun goes up and the sun goes down
Bb FGoing round and around but nowhere
Gm CmThe kitten that padded and purred on my lap
Gm FNow swipes at my face with the paw of a bear
Gm DmI turn the other cheek and you lay into that
Bb FO where do we go now but nowhere
Eb F O wake up my love my lover wake up
Eb F O wake up my love my lover wake up
And so on with the other verses and chorus... 8. West Country Girl intro: a (a)With a crooked smile and a heart-shaped face Comes from the West country where the birds sing bass She¥s got a house-big heart where we all live (F)and plead and council (E)and forgive 9. Black Hair intro: F/G a few times (F)Last night my (G)kisses were banked in (F)black hair(G) (F)And in my bed, my (G)lover, her hair was midnight (F)black(G) (C)And all her (e)mystery dwelled within her (a)black hair(F) (F)And her black hair (G)framed a happy face(G) (F)Today she took a (G)train to the (C)West(a) 10. Idiot Prayer Capo: 8th Fret
Am GThey're taking me down my friend
Am Gand as they usher me off to my end
D Cwill I bid you adieu?
D COr be seeing you soon?
AmIf what they say round here is true
Gthen we'll meet again
Dme and you.
11. Far From Me
Main bass-lineE----------------------------------------------------|B----------------------------------------------------|G----------------------------------------------------|D--------------------- 0-0--0--33-22-----------------|A-3-3-0-33-----3-------------------3-----------------|E----------------------------------------------------|
Chorus 1:
F Gyou were my mad little lover
F Gin a world where everybody fucks everybody else over
Dm Gyou are so far from me
Dm Gso far from me
Cfar from me
(For other choruses)
Dm Gso far from me
Dm Gso far from me
Em F Gway across some cold, neurotic sea
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