Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds – The Singer chords

Capo on 2nd. Essentially, it's E and A2 the entire song.

[E]As I walk these narrow streets
[A2] [E]Where a million passin' feet have trod before me
With my guitar in my hand
[A2] [E]Suddenly I realize nobody knows me
[A2]Where yesterday the multitude
[E]Screamed and cried my name out for a song
Today the streets are empty
[A2] [E]And the crowds have all gone home
I pass a million houses
[A2] [E]But there is no place that I belong
All I knew to give you
[A2] [E]Was song after song after song
[A2]All the truths I tried to tell you
[E]Were as distant to you as the moon
[A2]Born 200 years too late
[E]And 200 years too soon
I'm a child of this age
[A2] [E]Locked into the pages of your book
And when I am but dust and clay
[A2] [E]And all the children stop to take a look
[A2]Will they marvel at the miracles I did perform
[E]And the heights I did aspire
[A2]Or will they tear out the pages of the book
[E]To light a fire
With the rain on my face
[A2] [E]There is no place that I belong
Did you forget this fucking singer so soon? And did you forget my song? This is that rad guitar riff. Tabs relative to capo.
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