Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds – People Aint No Good tab

>>>>People ain't no good by NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS<<<<<

(Just a suggestion, as the original is played on a piano)

C G Fe----------------------------------------------------------|B--------0--1------1--0-------0--1-------------------------|G--0--2---------0----------0-----2-------------------------|D-----------2---------0----------3-------------------------|A-----------3----------------------------------------------|E---------------------3----------1-------------------------|
C G F People just ain't no good C G F I think that's well understood C G F You can see it everywhere you look G People just ain't no good The same are chords repeated over all the verses and choruses, until the bridge: C F To our love send a dozen white lillies C F To our love a valentine of blood C F To our love let all the pink-eyed pigeons coo G that people they just ain't no good Repeat with different lyrics, then repeat chorus a couple of times.
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