Nick Cave – The Moon Is In The Gutter chords

There are not really minor and major chords, 
I did it this way coz, well, that way it sound nice. 
But all in all those are just tips, playing this song just with chords doesn't "complete" it.

C# C G# G F# FThe moon is in the gutter
Ab G F# FAnd the stars wash down the sink
Eb DI am the king of the blues
C# CI scape the clay off my shoes
G Ab Hb Ab G FAnd wade down the gutter and the moon
C# C G# G F# FThe moon blinds my eye with opal cataracts
Ab G F# FAs I cut through the saw-mills and the stacks,
Eb DLeaping over the gully where I would
C# Cone day take Lucy
G Ab Hb Ab G CThen wash up my hands in the gully and the moon.
C C# C C# C C# (not sure here)
C C# Eb C#Such a long way from home, just me and
C# C G# G F# FThe moon is in the gutter
Ab G F# FAll my plans are flushed down the drain
Eb DI wander lonely as a cloud
C# C Over memories at her mound
G Ab Hb Ab G FThen lie down in the bitter gutter moon.
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