Nick Drake – Smoking Too Long tab

capo 2nd fret if you wanna play along with the album track but works just as well 
depending on your voice!..

-------------------0-----0------0-||-----0-------0-------------|--------0H1-----0-----1-----------||-2h3-----2h3---------------|-----2-------2--2-----2----0h1---.||---------------------------|rpt this E7 bit-----------------------------2---.||---------------------------|how many times--0-------------------------------||---------------------------|depending on----------------3-----1------0----||---0-------0---------------|what verse or fill your at!just listen to the new record N you'll get it from thisTis a lot like a simon & garfunk Song called Anji but a lot cooler think they both an old song dont know which tho can anyone tell me?..........
P.s my first tab (can U tell) so let me know how good (or bad) it is thanx or give me an if you know what the name of the old song they copyed is Ta
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