Nick Drake – Way To Blue tab

This is probably one of the saddest, but most beautiful songs ever written, and I
thought deserved at least a half decent tab, something that I hope this is. For the most part
it should be quite close to what he plays, or so far as you can play a piano song on 
guitar. Although the section for the bridge is not the same, i was kind of sick of writing
this tab by the time I got to there, but it fits in anyway.

I'm sorry I couldn't be bothered figuring out the names of all the chords, so I just
labelled their position relative to the words for you. Just learn the song (its too easy!)
then figure out the singing later if that's what you want to do.

Em(1)            Em(2)     Em(3)              Em(4)
Don't you have a word to show what may be done?
Em(1)         Em(2) Em(5) E(1)  C(1)      B(1)  E(2)
Have you never heard a way to find the sun?
E(3)                      B(2)  B(3)
Tell me all that you may know
E(3)                     B(2)   B(3)
Show me what you have to show
Em(6)                 Em(7) Em(8)
Won't you come and say
Em(6)  C(2)     B(4)       B(1)  E(2)
If you know the way to blue?

Have you seen the land living by the breeze?
Can you understand a light among the trees?
Tell me all that you may know
Show me what you have to show
Tell us all today
If you know the way to blue?

E(3)                    B(5)
Look through time and find your rhyme
A                E
Tell us what you find
E(3)            B(5)
We will wait at your gate
A                E
Hoping like the blind

Can you now recall all that you have known?
Will you never fall when the light has flown?
Tell me all that you may know
Show me what you have to show
Won't you come and say
If you know the way to blue?


Em(1) Em(2) Em(3) Em(5)e|----7-----5-----|----5-----0----|B|----8-----6-----|----5-----0----|G|----9-----7-----|----5-----0----|D|----------------|---------------|A|----------------|---------------|E|----0-----0-----|----0-----0----|
Em(1) Em(2) Em(5) E(1) C(1) B(1) E(2)e|----7-----5------|----5-------0----0---|----5-------4------|B|----8-----7------|----5-------1----1---|----5-------5------|G|----9-----8------|------------0----0---|----4-------4------|D|-----------------|----4----------------|-------------------|A|-----------------|-----------------0---|----2--------------|E|----0-----0------|----0-------0--------|------------0------|
E(3) E(3) B(2) B(3)e|----5-----4----|----5------4------|----2-------2-----|B|----5-----5----|----5------5------|----5-------4-----|G|----4----------|----4-------------|----4-------4-----| x2D|---------------|------------------|------------------|A|---------------|------------------|----2-------------|E|----0----------|----0-------------|------------------|
Em(6) Em(7) Em(8) Em(6) C(2) B(4) B(1) E(2)e|---3------2----2----|----3-------2--------------|----5-------4------|B|---5------5----1----|----5-------5-------4------|----5-------5------|G|---4------5----2----|----4-------5-------4------|----4-------4------|D|--------------------|---------------------------|-------------------|A|--------------------|------------0--------------|----2--------------|E|---0------0----0----|----0----------------------|------------0------|
E(4) B(5) A Ee|----7--------2----------|----5-------0----------|B|----9--------5-4--------|----2-------0-4-0------|G|----9-8------4---4------|----2-------1----------|D|--------9---------------|-----------------------|A|-------------2----------|----0------------------|E|----0-------------------|------------0----------|
Hope this helps, and if it does then enjoy!
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