Nick Jonas And The Administration - Vespers Goodbye chords version 7

This is my first tab, so don't be TOO harsh :) 

Intro: A E D x 2 (just strum along with what the piano sounds like it the song :D)
AAll of you
E D AShaped me into what I am
A E ACarried out the bitter man
A E A Do you have a master plan?
Bm C#See it turning red
E A Like a bullet through the chest
F#m ELay me down to rest
AIt's a lovers final breath
ANow I die
E D AAnd kiss you tender lips goodbye
E D APray to God who hears my cry
Ok so yeah it's not perfect, but I got helped by watjonaslove#p/u/16/vRxNKfgbpHY, and played some of it by ear. So if you have any comments, feel free to comment!! :)
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