Nick Lowe – Teacher Teacher tab

Teacher Teacher

Capo 1


A		E
Young love, teacher`s pet
D		A
Cheeks flushed, apple red
A		E
Ringing you every day
D		A
Begging for a word of praise
B		F#
I`ve put aside my foolish games
E		B
I run and hide and call names
B		F#
School`s out, the bells`ll ring
E		F#		B
Now`s the time to teach me everything

B			E
Teacher, teacher, teach me love
B		F#	B
I can`t learn it fast enough
B			E
Teacher, teacher, teach me more
B		F#	B
I`ve got to learn to love for sure

Lesson one, just begun
E		F#
Growing up, ain`t much fun
Grown up, out of school
Out of luck and out of rules
No one there to tell me how
A different world - teacher, teacher, teach me now


Lesson two nothing new
I can`t love, just passing through
The books I read don`t understand
What it means to be a man
I need a woman just like you
Teacher, teacher, teach me what to do
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