Nick Parker – Comfort Or Convenience chords

Comfort or Convenience

Nick Parker   G/H: 020030  G/Bb: 010030

Intro:  Em  D  G  A  Bm  C  D 

A Em My phone must have been off or something
G Dthink my battery died.
A Em We'll wait or hear the single
G D Then go back inside
A Em You sort out the coffees
G D I'll take care of the pies
A Em comfort or convenience?
G Dcomfort every time
2* Bm C G/H G/Bb i want you to stay another day
2 * Em D G A Bm C D
A Em We wanted to stay for giant sand
G Dcouldn't hear a thing,
A Em sitting with JJ and Juliet
G Dand Ant and a few of their friends
A Em so good to see these old faces
G Dsome bigger, others have shrunk
A Em can't believe you're going home
G Dmaybe next year then
2* Bm C G/H G/Bb want you to stay another day
2 * Em D G A Bm C D 2* D Am C G
D Am Trying to call you since quarter to ten
C G just to tell you I'm off for the day and to tell you
D Am the pole that you mended has broken again
C Gso we'll have to go sleep in the car if it rains
D Am and the perry's too strong and the beer tastes the same
C Gand the drinkers are dancing and singing your name
D Am and the people i knew then have other friends now
C Gand that's why i want you to stay
2 * Em D G A Bm C D D right where you are right where you are
2 * Em D G A Bm C D
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