Nickel Creek – Young tab


Capo 3

Intro: (1st half verse chords) x 1

Verse 1:
E*            F#*  D*   E*          F#*   A*
Young and with no clue, and I wanna love you

E*          F#* C#m*    D*   E*
Give me the key to     what it's about 

E*         F#*   D*  E*              F#*     A*
Everything I've read And everything you've said

E*                F#* C#m*  D*   E*
Prove you're over my head   Help me climb out

G           Dm             A2  E
I know that you don't need nobody

         Dm               G    A    B7   C7  D7
Are you sure you're that sure about me?

Interlude: (1st half verse chords) x 1

Verse 2:
Hey what did I do? I've spoken too soon
Listen to this tune Forget the words
Wait until someday 'Cause when I know what to say
I'll say it in the best way you've ever heard

Verse 3:
Young and with no clue I still wanna love you
Give credit where it's due I've got good taste
It's not like I wanna get married I never asked you to kiss me
Just don't want you to be sorry you didn't try

Outro: (1st half verse chords) x 1

Chords Used

E* F#* D* A* C#m* G Dm A2 E A B7 C7 D7E---0----X----X----X----X----3----X----X----0----5----X----X----XA---7----9----5----12---4----5----5----0----2----7----2----3----5D---9—---11---7----14---6----5----7----2----2----7----4----5----7G---9----11---7----14---6----4----7----2----1----6----2----3----5B---0----0----0----0----0----3----6----0----0----5----4----5----7E---0----0----0----0----0----3----5----0----0----5----2----3----5
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