Nickelback - See You At The Show chords


Verse 1

D Crowds that scream at superstars
GWhere bouncers show they're battle scars
A C EI've been the first to sign on every wall
DDown the road and round the bend
GWe pray to god it never ends
A C EI've been, I've seen, we've screamed to everyone
DWe'll see you at the show
G CIf you don't come we'll never know
DYou stand off in the back
G CYou still stand out while you wearing black
DJump onto the bus
G CAnd ride around with all of us
DWe'll go out on the town
G CAnd light it up till we burn it down, burn it down
_____________________________________________________________________________ (And so on..) On Acostic it's bad to play. BUT i HOPE It's a little Help. Have Fun! =)
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