Nickelback – When We Stand Together chords

When We Stand Together

Hello to everyone! This song is pretty simple but still awesome at the same time!

Tabbed by hear, hope nothing's wrong! Check my page on facebook!

/Bb Gb / Ab  / x2   <--it means that Bb and Gb share one measure, 2/4 each one!


Bb Gb Ab One more depending on a prayer and we all look away
Bb Gb Ab People pretending everywhere it's just another day
Bb Gb Ab There's bullets flying through the air and they still carry on
Bb Gb Ab We watch it happen over there and then just turn it off
Chorus: Bb Gb Ab Bb
Gb Ab Bb [Hey, yeah, yeah, hey, yeah...] We must stand together
[Hey, yeah, yeah, hey, yeah...] There's no getting even Gb Ab Bb
Gb Ab Bb [Hey, yeah, yeah, hey, yeah...] Hand in hand forever
[Hey, yeah, yeah, hey, yeah...] That's when we all win And so on.. It's all the same! Except the Bridge:
Gb... That's, that's, that's when we all win
BbThe right thing to guide us
BbIs right here inside us
AbNo one can divide us
When the Light is leading on
Gb Ab But just like a heartbeat
The drumbeat carries on... And the drumbeat carries on... And then same as verse and chorus!
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