Nickelback – When We Stand Together chords ver. 2

Hey this is my first Tab just played along with the song and it sounds %95 correct.

Capo 1

Verse: C Am Em G

C Am Em G One more depending on a prayer and we look the other way
C Am Em G People pretending everywhere its just another day
C Am Em G There"s bullets flying through the air and they still carry on
C Am Em G We watch it happen over there and they still turn it off
(you can stay on the Em but i like going to the G) Chorus:
Am C GHey Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah! We must stand together
Am C GHey Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah! There's no giving in
Am C GHey Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah! Hand in hand forever
Am C GHey Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah! That's when we all win
Verse: Chorus: Bridge:
Am EmRight here to guide us
Em AmIs right here inside us
Am EmNo one can divide us
Em AmWhen the light is nearly gone
Am Em......But just like a heart beat
The drum just carries on Chorus: And the song finishes at the end of the chorus.
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