Nico Vega - Bang Bang tab

Nico Vega - Bang Bang

I could only find a video of this tab from shaynegibbs on youtube so the credit 
goes to him. Hope this helps!

Intro PT 1:|------------------------------|-----------------------------||------------------------------|-----------------------------||----------------------0-----0-|-------------------------0---||------5p0-5p0-----------------|------5p0-5p0-------0h5----5-||---------------5/7--7---5-5---|---------------5--5----------||--3-3-------------------------|--3-3------------------------|
PT 2:|---------||---------||--0---0--||--0---0--||--2---7--||--3---8--|
PT 3:|--------------||--------------||--12---9---7--||--12---9---7--||--10---7---5--||--------------|
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