Nightmare Of You - Days Go By Oh So Slow tab

		The Days Go By Oh So Slow - Nightmare of You

Tabbed by: smjky

Tuning: Standard

e|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|--7h9-9p7-9-5-7-9-7-9-5/12-12-12\9-9-9-12-12-12\9-9-9--------------------|A|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|Repeated (2x)
C Take a seat and catch your breathe G You're only working towards your death C G For us the days go by, They go by oh so slow (the chord progression is the same for the all of the verses throughout the song) C D G But i'm yours if you want and C D G I can be yours to spend your life with C D Em I can be yours, we'll hide indoors C petrified of the world Chorus: G And if you'd rather stay in at night C I can relate to that G And if feels like your hearts dried up C I can relate to that G And if you need someone at your side C D G I am out there, I'm out there, out there Repeat first Riff twice again, then move into this one:
And the rest is repeated! That should be it. Any questions just let me know!
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