Nightwish – The Riddler chords

Left handed
Am, Em,Dm ,G     C,G,F,Em    2x

AmRiddler, Riddler ask me why
FThe birds fly free on a mackerel sky
AmAsk me whither goes the winds
F GWhence the endlesstick-tick stream begins
AmMake me guess if the Earth is flat or round
CSet a quessing if fantasies are unbound
Dm F GIf tale aren't just for children to see
AmThat it's peace is sleep walks with me
Pre Chorus C,G,Dm,Am C,D,F,G, Em
Am Am,GAs you wish
F F,GFor kingdom come
Em G,EmThe one to know all the answers
Am You think you dwell in wisdom's sea
F Still, sweet ignorance is the key
DmTo a poet's paradise
C GChallenge the Riddler and you will see
Am, Em,Dm ,G C,G,F,Em
AmRiddler, Riddler ask me why
FAll mothers beneath the Earth and sky
AmHold theait children's hands for a while
F GTheir hearts forever... yours and mine
AmMake me wonder what's the meaning of life
CWhat's the use to be born and then die
Dm F GMake me guess who's the one
AmBehind the mask of Father and Son
Repeat Pre Chorus Repeat chorus Repeat Intro
C GFor nature hates virginity
Dm AmI wish to be touched
C DNot by the hands of where's and why's
F G EmBut by the Ocean's minds
Repeat chorus 2x
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