Nightwish – The Islander chords ver. 2

The islander

I saw many tabs in the internet for this song but i think that this tab is the best one.ENJOY

Bm Bm9An old man by a seashore
Gm7 G6At the end of day
A GGazes the horizon
A BmWith seawinds in his face
Bm Bm9Tempest-tossed island
GSeasons all the same
A GAnchorage unpainted
A BmAnd a ship without a name
3x Bm
Bm Bm9 Gm7 G6Sea without a shore for the banished one unheard
A G AHe lightens the beacon, light
Bmat the end of world
Bm Bm9 Gm7 G6Showing the way lighting hope in their hearts
A G A BmThe ones on their travels homeward from afar
Bm G D A BmThis is long-for got-ten
G D Em-BmLight at the end of the world
G D A BmHori-zon cry-un
G D EmThe tears he left behind long ago
2x intro
Bm Bm9The albatross is flying
Gm7 G6Making him daydream
A GThe time before he became
A BmOne of the world's unseen
Bm Bm9Princess in the tower
Gm7 G6Children in the fields
A GLife gave him it all:
A BmAn island of the universe
Bm Bm9Now his love's a memory
Gm7 G6A ghost in the fog
A GHe sets the sails one last time
A BmSaying farewell to the world
Bm Bm9Anchor to the water
Gm7 G6Seabed far below
A GGrass still in his feet
A BmAnd a smile beneath his brow
Bm G D A BmThis is for long-for got-ten
G D Em-BmLight at the end of the world
G D A BmHori-zon cry-un
G D EmThe tears he left behind so long ago
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