Nightwish – Slow Love Slow chords

Cm AbCome and share this painting with me
Cm Ab FmUnveiling of me, the magician that never failed
Cm EThis deep sigh coiled around my chest
CmIntoxicated by a major chord
I wonder
Ab CmDo I love you, or the thought of you?
Cm Eb BbSlow, love, slow
Fm CmOnly the weak are not lonely
CmSouthern blue, mornign dew
AbmLet-down-your-guards, I-love-you's
CmIce-cream castles, lips to ear rhymes
Abm CmA slumber deeper than time
Refrain Solo: change between G#m E
Change between Cm AbSloooow Slow Love Slow
Slow Love Slooooooow Slow Slow hum Hooo hum huuuuum
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