Nightwish – Once Upon A Troubadour tab

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                             ONCE UPON A TROUBADOUR
                            As recorded by Nightwish
                        (From the Album WISHMASTOUR 2000)

Transcribed by hapcimano 

First guitar plays the intro while the second strums once each accord.
Just listen to the original song and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Gtr I (E A D G B E) - 'Acoustic'


Am G Am F Em Am 4/4 Gtr I|------0-------------0------0---------|------------------------------||----1-----1-------1-----3----1--0----|-----0-1----1-0---------------||-2-----------2-2------------------2--|--2--------------2-0---2------||-------------------------------------|------------------------------||-------------------------------------|------------------------------||-------------------------------------|------------------------------|
Am G Am F Em Am 4/4 Gtr I|------0-------------0------0---------|------------------------------------||----1-----1-------1-----3----1--0----|-----0-1----1-0------------0--------||-2-----------2-2------------------2--|--2--------------2-0---0-------2----||-------------------------------------|------------------------------------||-------------------------------------|------------------------------------||-------------------------------------|------------------------------------|
Am G Am A lonely bard wandering across the lands am I Am G Am Singing dancing finding answers to every why Am7/E G Am The taverns are full and one crosses my path, too F Em Am I just might reward myself with a beer or two Am G Am This inn the place of many romantic tales Am G Am On the loft women offer their sales Am7/E G Am But my eyes they catch a girl beat by everyone F Em Am A slave she is but for me a rose undone Am F Hear me sing Am C Em ... Dm Watch me dance Dm Em F Play that lute of thine Am Em And share with me this dance Am G Am As she danced my eyes began to shine Am G Am There she was the maiden so divine Am7/E G Am How could I approach her with my outlook so poor F Em Am Her beauty being much more than I could endure Am G Am So I asked if I could sing a chanson Am G Am With a language of ancient and of lore Am7/E G Am Gathered the men around us me and the girl in rags F Em Am Soon were the melodies heard by everyone Am F Hear us sing Am C Em ... Dm Watch us dance Dm Em F Sing with us this tale Am Em With a clap of hands Am G Am The stories long-forgotten we still know Am G Am Performing our skills wherever we go Am7 G Am I end my story as I receive a kiss F Em Am From my girl the dearest Beatrice Am F Hear us sing Am C Em ... Dm Watch us dance Dm Em F Sing with us the tales Am Em Which the music will keep alive
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