Nightwish – The Poet And The Pendulum Part 2 tab

Nightwish - Poet and the pendulum part 2
Tabbed by Marctica

Gm | F | Gm |Gm |Gm | F | Gm | Gm |Eb | Bb | Gm | Gm | Eb | Bb | Gm | Gm

Guitar: Gm F Gm (2 times)E |---------------------------------------------------------------------|B |---------------------------------------------------------------------|G |---------------------------------------------------------------------|D |---------------------------------------------------------------------|A |--5----5----5----5----3----3----3----3----5----5----5------5---------|E |----3----3----3----3-----1----1---1-----1---3-----3----3------3------|Repeat this 2 times
Eb Bb Gm (2 times)E |----------------------------------------------------------------------|B |----------------------------------------------------------------------|G |----------------------------------------------------------------------|D |--------------------------------3----1--------------------------------|A |--6----6----6----6----1----1----------------5----5----5----5----------|E |----6----6----6----6-----1----1---1-----1------3----3----3----3-------|Repeat this 2 times
Gm F Gm Be still, my son, you're home F Gm Oh when did you become so cold? Eb Bb Gm The blade will keep on descending Eb Bb Gm All you need is to feel my love Gm F Gm Search for beauty, find your shore Gm F Gm Try to save them all, bleed no more Eb Bb Gm You have such ocean's within Eb Bb Gm In the end I will always love you
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