NIKI – Around chords

C You love me with your bones
You hold me when I’m broke You don’t ask for a thing
F Fm E COh, I hope it’s you they put me in the ground by
CKnow where I’ve been, where I’m from
You know who took me to prom You’ve watched as my legs and pride grew taller
F Fm Em COh, I wanna be the one you call drunk
F GmOh, I know that we march to the beat of different drums
DmWe’re still so damn young
Em FIn and out of believing in love
GmWhat the fuck’s love?
A#All I know is love
Gm FWhen push comes to shove
I’ll be the one a-
C D#m DmRound and round we go
Em FSo much I don’t know
G# G CBut even though this ain’t pretty and simple like a bed of roses
Em D#m Dm7‘least I know my hope is
Gm FThat you stick around ’til the end
G# G C'cause you’re my best friend
CYou cut me, I bleed gold
I miss you though you’re cold
FYou’re inside a different soul when I’m not around
Fm G CBut that’s ok, I do the same
FOh we’re in a maze with no end
GmBut I’m amazed to no end
Am DDarling, we don’t ever have to pretend
DmWho knows what or who we choose
FmRight now I’ve nothing to lose
C Em Dm EmYou love me, I love you
F G# G C
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