Nikki Sudden - Death Is Hanging Over Me tab

This is tabbed from a live acoustic version he did of this song at the Cake Shop on 
24, 2006. Around 40 hours before his death.

fill 1:G|-----------|B|-----------|e|--2p3p2-0--|
fill 2:G|-----------|B|--2p3p2-0--|e|-----------|
Intro: Bm :fill 1: Em Bm :fill 2: Em Bm :fill 1: Em Bm :fill 2: Em Bm Em Death is hanging, over me Bm Em Though this room is seldom cold Bm Em Rosewood candles, they light the way Bm Em Along this tarnished road Bm Em Death is waiting for me alone Bm Em It merely twists and falls Bm Em Down alone dressed in white lace Bm Em Oh I love her, I loved them all Bm :fill 1: Em Bm :fill 2: Em Bm :fill 1: Em Bm :fill 2: Em Bm Em She's waiting, for me alone Bm Em And she'll hold me when I fall Bm Em Thousand islands, baby can't you see Bm Em But I love you, I loved them all Bm Em I love you so, I love you so Bm Em I love you so, God knows I love you so Bm Em I love you so Bm Em I love you so Bm :fill 1: Em Solo/outro:
E|------------------------|A|--9-----9---------------|D|--9-999-9-999-999-------|G|--7-999-7-999-999-------|B|--7-777-7-777-888-------|e|--7-777-7-777-777-| x 4-|
E|-----------------------------------2-----|A|-----------------------------------2-----|D|-----------------------------------4-----|G|-----------------------------------4-----|B|--12-10-10p12p10-2-3--------------3------|e|----------------------2-3-2p3p2-0- 2-----|
RIP Nikki Sudden.
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