Nikola Sarcevic - Married chords

Capo: 4th Fret

Am F CKnowing you has made me recognise
Am F CAlways take your lovers good advice
Am F CBut love is sometimes hard to understand
Am F CIt takes a lot of guts to be your man
Am F COur love is just like an Otis song, so sore
Am F COur love is brutal but still not gone, its still pure
Am F CKnowing you has made me realise
Am F CAfter pain the sun will surely rise
Am F CIf you count our distress and the blues
Am F CThen you and me dont have much to lose
FShift track If you get bored
AmBut for now I hope youll stay
G EI married you for love
FIll put the communication cord
AmWell before we go astray
G E GMy love I married you for love
Am F CKnowing you has made me comprehend
Am F CLosers can get lucky in the end
Am F CKnowing you is loving you with doubt
Am F CStill its something I cant live without
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