Nikola Sarcevic - Lovetrap tab

Nikola Sarcevic - Lovetrap

Normal tuning - E
Capo on 2nd fret
H = hammer on
X = mute string

(Chords)- strummed throughout.E---0----0----0----1----0—---0------<B---1----1----1----1----1----1------<G---0----0----2----2----0----0------<D---2—---0----2----3----0----2------<A---3----2----0----x----2----3------<E---x----x----x----x—---x----x------<
(2nd Guitar)- Finger picked from 2nd time through chorus onwards...This part follows the same chord pattern as above but is picked in this way.E----------------------—----------------0--------<B-----1----1-----1-0h1-----1----1----1---1-------<G----0-0--0-0---2-2---2---2-2--0-0--0-0---0------<D---—------------------2-3-----------------2-----<A---3----2----0---------------2----3-------------<E---------------—--------------------------------<
There is a part just after the harmonica solo, and before ‘you said your never comin home...’ where it stays on a C chord like this:E------0-------0------------<B-----1-1-1---1--1----------<G----0---0---0--0-0---------<D---—-----------------------<A---3-------3---------------<E---------------------------<
Besides the harmonica, tambourine and piano that’s it. Cheers!
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