Nikola Sarcevic - Nobody Without You tab

Listen to the track to feel the rhythm  its an easy song to learn


Start with a Open strum of E minor (Em) 

then strum verse chords <Em,C,G,D>


Em            C
I'm nobody without you,
Just a shell,
             D              Em
I'm like a flower with no smell, 
C              G         D
It's a living hell. 
Em                  C
Yeah, I'm nobody without you,
Just a frame,
             D            Em 
I'm like a fire with no flame,
C               G        D 
I'm living in shame. 
'Cause you're my sunshine
To keep me warm,
You're my shelter and my hideout
In rainy days and storm. 
C                            G
You're my laugh-line when I am blue,
Am                    D
You put balm into my wounds,
Em             C           G        
I'm nobody without you? 
D     Em            C          G         D         
Yeah, I'm nobody without you? 

Verse 2  same chords as verse 1

Chorus  same chords
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