Nimp-froid - Egit tab

			     IGiT - Nimp-froid

By:Greg,wood"s and fartbum(bartrum)

The chords are pritty simple and so is the tune just listen to the track and find that 
its not actually that hard.This song rules and so does the band so have fun kids?

    Intro:[GG DDDDD CC CCCC]               *=sus4

       chorus:               Verse 1:
  So you know,          Do you wanna come with me,
  I'm gonna go,         To down town L.A,
  Dont you,             I've fucked this life,
  U'no,                 And the last,

       I dont quite know the last bits but thats a good taster for all of you hoPe yOu 
enJoy!!!!!!!(have a nice day)
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