Nina Nesbitt – Tough Luck chords

This may be completely incorrect but it's a start so



     D                     Em   D                  Em

Em GShe puts her pen to paper
Em GLines across their hearts
Em GYou did it all to erase her
Em GYou left her standing in the dark
Em GThis time she’s praying for silence
Em GHoping that you would understand
Em GShe’s just building these roadworks
Em GSo it’s clearer when they land
Em A BmYou can’t still own what you let go
Em A GWhat don’t you understand?
Bm G D ATough luck I said I’d be here in a month but you waited two
Bm G D AOnly coming back ‘round because you heard I was with someone new
Bm GAnd I was waiting here till you came back
D AMy heart was bleeding black
Em BmIt’s tough love that I’m giving you,
Em Bmit’s tough luck on you
He asked a question, she answers He made a crossword spelling guilt Empty boxes filled with chances But you just can’t leave the rose to wilt You can’t still own what you let go What don’t you understand? [CHORUS] x2
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