Nina – Is There Something chords

Title: Is there Something
Artist: Nina

Intro: C F Am F

G Am F GLately I see clouds of sorrow in your eyes
G Am Dm G Some deep sadness you can never quite disguise
Bb F GI was scared to ask where it's leading to
C F Am GBut I'm more afraid of not asking you
C F Is there something you can to tell me?
G EmIs there something that I ought to know?
F Em Are we something that's still worth fighting for
Dm GOr should I simply let you go?
C F IS there something I can do to reach you?
G EmAre we somthing more than history?
F C/EI'll find some way to convince you stay
Dm C/EIf you just tell me honestly
F G C F Am FIs there someyhing left of you and me?
G Am Dm G You've got secrets you've been keeping for too long
G Am Dm G I'm going crazy acting like there's nothing wrong
Bb F/A G/BI can tast the truth everytime we kiuss
C FBut I can't go on
Am GAt least not like this
(Repeat CHorus) Bridge:
Em FM7I Don't want to lose
G CBut what's the use of holding on
Em FM7I don't really have you
F G CIf the feeling's gone
Adlib: C F G Em
C F Is there something I can do to reach you?
G C/E Are we something more than historyy
F Em If there's no way to convince you to stay
F GThen be the way it used to be
C FM7 But there's something that I want to tell you
G CAnd I want you to believe it's true
Fm Em We had something that I'll never forget
Dm C/EEven if I wanted to
F G C A part of me will always to be with you
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