Nina – I Dont Wanna Be Your Friend tab


      *I Don't Wanna be your friend*

     Nina Nina Nina Nina Nina Nina
Intro: Idon't wanna be your fried
Em BM B F6

G                      C                             em
I don't wanna see your face I don''t wanna hear your name
               Bm          Bb       C
i don't want a thing just staY away baby
G                     C                           em
Wanna know if you're alright what your doing with your life
                             C             D
don't wanna hear that you'll stay in touch maybe
 C                Dm            Em       Bm
I'll get by just fine and you're going darling
F          D
goodbye, goobye

G          C                       Am
Don't call me in the middle of the night no more
          D              G
don't be expect me to be there
            C                     Am  
don't think that it'll be the way it was before
don't think i care
i'm not over you yet
                             Em bm Bb
and i don't wanna be your friend
G                    C                    Em
I'll forget we ever met l'llforget i ever let
                       Bb        C
ever lrt you into this heart of mine baby 
G                   C
you just gotta let me be
gotta keep away from me
'cause all i wanna be is just free from you baby
C               Am                 Em              
don't you come around  and say you still care about me 
f       D
go now,go now

|repEat Chorus|
Am        D
taking it casually
em                GcGc
baby it's killing me


|Repeat chOrus|

 Em bm Bb f6
DOn't wanna be your friend
   em      bm
don't call me
Bb     F     GcBb F
don't come around
don't wanna be your friend
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