Nine Days – Emily tab

Standard Tuning


Dm Bb F C# A G A7e|---1---|-------|-------|-------|-------|-------|-------|B|---3---|-------|-------|-------|-------|-------|-------|G|---2---|---3---|-------|---6---|-------|-------|---6---|D|---0---|---3---|---3---|---6---|---7---|---5---|---5---|A|-------|---1---|---3---|---4---|---7---|---5---|---7---|E|-------|-------|---1---|-------|---5---|---3---|---5---|
Intro : Dm Bb F C# Verse: Dm Bb F A as Follows: Dm Bb F A Now Emily hides in a way, she is waiting for a knight in shining armor Dm Bb F A Dm and I know that nothing I'd say could make her see me as a man of honor G But I am.... Second Verse as above with:
e|-----------------------------------|B|-------------10-11-10-8------------|G|--10----10---------------10-------| x2 over 2nd verseD|-----8------------------------------|A|-----------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------|
Chorus : (A) Bb F Bb F (A) Bb F Bb G as follows: A Bb F Bb the one who can sing, all of the dreams F A Bb the one who can make them all come true F Bb if she would believe, I'm down on my knees G but in my hands I hold Break : [Palm mute] G D F G D A7 As follows: G what do you want me to do, my head in my hands D F G I wait for the words to come and make you understand D A7 so tell me I'm right, tell me I touched you down so deep inside Solo : Dm Bb F C# (x2) Solo:
e|-----------------------------------|B|--10-10-11-------------(10s0)------|G|------------12---------------------| Solo x4D|-----------------------------------|A|-----------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------|
Violin part:e|-----------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------|G|-----------------------------------|D|-------------------------5-7-8-7-5-|A|--5---7-8---------5-8--------------|E|-----------6----8------------------|
Ending: Bb F in my hands I hold the ring... Enjoy!
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