Nine Inch Nails – With Teeth tab

Drop D tuning (for the Bass part at leaste)

The song is somewhere in the key of like c/g/f, that whole thing, (only a semi-tone
either way)

This is the way I'm pretty sure they play it live. I have the Beside You In Time DVD and
tried my best to watch their hands, and for the other stuff, like the piano part,
I just guess by ear. The solo that Aaron (NIN 2005-present live lead guitar) is less 
than the one on the album, though the one on the album is of course a bit sicker. I
try to tab that one too, but for now this is the one I mainly know. Aaron uses one of 
crazy lazer thingies that makes really long sustain like what Coldplay uses, but you can 
similar affects with really high gain and a stead hand.


/ = slide

p = pull off

^ = bend

* = bend slightly then mute with your pick/finger almost directly afterwards, almost as
the sound is being canceled (it's the most chararceteristic/ recognizable expression of
note in the song)

(Main bass line throughout song)

! = vibrato

~ = sustain

guitar riff 1 (repeat until guitar riff 2)
guitar riff 2
Guitar riff 1 add Bass line switch to Guitar riff 2 (The bridge is Piano chords, but these guitar chords seem to fit well. I might be wrong the exact timing of the chords because i'm doing this by memory and I can't listen to song right now, but if you listen to it, you'll know when to hit and sustain the chords.) I cannot go through this again...
I cannot go through this again...
I cannot go through this again....
I cannot go through this again...
(repeat above) Solo
(repeat) Then comes the crazy swelling of noise and sounds as the climax, the main part of which is... Bass Line + guitar riff 2 Bass Line + This time...I'm not comin' back... She Will not let you go... End song Ahhh one of the longest tabs I've ever done but I had to get that off my chest, cause I it out by ear and I sure was mighty proud o' myself, proud as Huck or Tom e'er would be! hope you like it! And I hope I didn't mess up too much, I might have some errors in the cause I might not have it quite note for note, but I'll check when I go home and it if I can remember to. PLEASE RATE & AND COMMENT
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